Wed. Baseball

Hello. Trip to Fort Indian Town Gap (aka: Fig) in Annville Pa., was unique; I took the doors off the Hmmvee and drove over 70 miles per hour for 40 some miles of the 120 mile trip from the Unit to Fig.

We got done early at a little after 14:00, showered, and thought, “hey I can either stay here and watch ESPN’s Wed. Nite Baseball, or, take Sgt. Baretto’s 15 passenger van to Lancaster Pennsylvania. Go to Lancaster Pennsylvania to go to Clipper Magazine Stadium to see their Lancaster Barn Stormers play the visiting Bridgeport Connecticut Blue Fish.

I have 2nd row seats next to the home dug out. I must watch out for balls to the face. I must watch out for ‘foul balls’ to this section.

(18:13) I shall now enjoy the sun.
(18:24) I’m back.

(18:27) I notice all the fat people co-mingling around my seating area. 2 of the ‘tons of fun’ are holding identical cameras. Identical to each others and sadly my camera as well. I guess now I know what will happen to me if I continue to use Nikon…

(19:53) A lot more double plays here than in Newark. Pitches range from 80-87 mph. Fastest pitch I can recall was 92 mph from the opposing pitcher. I don’t know what we had in Newark.

(20:30) Top of 7th.
Bridgeport: 2
Lancaster: 1

Tony would usually call this a ‘pitcher’s duel’. I would counter, ‘no, they’re just both bad’.

(20:52) Bot 8th
Bri: 2
Lan: 1
I miss Mom. This Baseball thing is very interesting to me. It makes me question my identity as a proud vocal opponent of my Gov’t’s historic bullshit treatment of most others, but somehow I still am proud to be an American; because I’m *allowed* to voice those views without being shot or in any other danger. Hmmm…

Ok this game should end so I can get back to base. Relatively early. Want to shower again and go to sleep post Salaat. Tony must’ve stopped reading a while ago. Minhaj is making ‘that face’ again.


Home team got 2 men on in bottom of 9th. 5th hitter: out on strikes.

Bridgeport: 2
Lancaster: 1
(Final Score)


Going to Fig. Have van parked across 3 spaces!

Good day or night Boys.
Long live Baseball, and good people to enjoy it with. 🙂



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