What is Farhaj dot com News?

Farhaj dot com News Service is a free news service. We send 140 character sms to over 300 subscribers via text message 3 to 5 times daily. Most of our subscribers get globe shaking news from us 1st, any where they are.

We beat New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, CNBC, AP all the time. Give us a shot.

Text ‘Join’ to (908) 208-3831 from the phone you want our service on, or email your phone number to Farhaj@Farhaj.com with JOIN in the subject & we’ll set you up.

Here are some of the Farhaj dot com News texts are subscribers have received this week. We’ll fit your needs. Thank you for visiting Farhaj dot com.

*We will never sell or spam your phone.*


Farhaj.com / Right wing “blows the roof off the barn” in France election; Sarcozy doomed. Secret Service servicing scandal grows. Gas drops! Avg is $3.85 a Gal.

Farhaj.com // Happy 104th birthday @USArmyReserve! Iran alleges accessing uber-secret data from downed US drone. Vogue magazine has ‘Women In Politics’ issue.

Farhaj.com // Survey of economists shows ‘expected faster economic growth this year’. 24 S.Service & Military investigated for Ho’s. 1 in 7 in US on food stamps.

Farhaj.com // Dems vow to kill Arizona immigration law. US home prices near decade low in Feb. UN to feed 500,000 Syrians soon. Google’s a Zipper today.

Farhaj.com // @WhiteHouse: “I have an unshakable belief that w. education, children can do anything in life.” -Ms. Mieliwocki (Ca.) **US Teacher of the Year**

Farhaj.com // Spkr. Boehner loses to PrsBO on student loan interest rate hike fight. New study finds FaceBook makes us lonelier. US keeps interest rates stable.

Farhaj.com // Newt to drop out Tues. -Politico. World Bank: ‘Global food prices are on the rise again.’ Investors await Fed Boss Bernanke’s comments on economy.

Farhaj.com // Tech gurus warn Congress Iran’s recruiting hacker army to target US power grid, water systems & other vital infrastructure in future cyber-attack.

Farhaj.com // Obama 2012 launches campaign in Ohio & Virginia on May 5th. New Secret Service sex scandal finds 12 agents in Ecuador with ho’s, a year or so ago.


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