A Sunni Muslim prays at a Shia mosque

For the Love of GOD


I decided I would finally go to a Shia mosque for Friday prayers.  I had my three year old son with me, but even if he became too hyper, it would be okay, because  there was just one of him, and I would handle him.  I was so ready to do it, but then of course, fear of the unknown crept in.  The fear came disguised as needing to catch up on so many household duties.  “I should made rice pudding for the kids today! I’ve been wanting to make it for so long!” I thought to myself.  Deciding to stay home instead, I sifted online through various reviews of rice pudding recipes.  After deciding on a recipe, I suddenly realized I didn’t have enough milk to make the pudding.  This was highly unusual, because I mostly restock my milk before it goes too low.

I spent the next fifteen to…

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