Wrongdoings of Dr Syed

Falsely accused the Shi’a Community of Calgary as “extremists” and “promoting jihadi ideology”. Dr Syed accused ulema (those who’ve studied in Qom, Najaf, Syria, Pakistan and India) as being “foreign trained” and preaching “extremist views” and “attempting to instill jihadi ideology”. He has targeted Shi’a summer camps as well as ziyarat trips by saying they are “preparing a large contingent of youth to spend summer months in Iran unsupervised”. UMAA has invited an individual who has divided the local Calgary community and put the future of our community, Shi’a youth and ulema at risk. Dr Syed went on to identify those youth who prepare for the Imam of the Time (atfs) as terrorists. Click the SYED SAGA for images, affidavit, and letter to UMAA. Syed Saga

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I didnt do it.

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  1. Some people believed that if they say/write/do accuse their own community/religion/traditions of wrong doing then the western media/govt/authorities will make them darling. Which is not wrong. Example is Canadian Mr. Tariq Fatah of GTA.

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