What is Farhaj.com ?

June 13, 2012 § Leave a Comment

Farhaj.com started out on 14 October 1999. I handed out fliers telling of General Pervez Musharraf’s coup de’etat of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan. I went to a meeting of the Islamic Society of Rutgers University and had my eyes blown open to the Islamic Fundamentalism rampant on campus. I tried to speak to the head of the organization with the intent of asking him to have a more pluralistic presentation of what Islam is and representation or inclusion of its various sects. This meeting was to no avail. I tried to speak to the leader of the organization again, and he refused. So, I decided to talk to my 5 friends and begin the fight against Islamic Fundamentalism at Rutgers University. I called for a boycott of the group, and invited people to talk about the issue at a website I made, called SpinDoctor.web.com. It was a message board and a call to action to put peaceful American Muslims at ease with the premise that practicing Islam and loving America can in fact coexist, like it always coexisted within my own life. Eventually the website changed its name to Farhaj.com; Although we’ve kept the site, the advent of SMS was calling my name. I’ve loved the news since I was a child growing up in Chicago. I decided to send my friends in my phone news – and now it has now turned into a free unadulterated full fledged “NEWS service” for SMS text subscribers. We had upwards of 500 subscribers who found out about Michael Jackson’s passing. If you would like to subscribe to Farhaj.com News, please email “Join” & your mobile device phone number to Farhaj@Farhaj.com.

*We will NEVER sell your number or advertise*

Over 500 people found out about the following *1st* from Farhaj.com News:

  • NYC’s transit strike
  • Indonesia Tsunami
  • Gov. Spitizer’s resignation
  • Haiti EarthQuake
  • Rep Gabby Giffords’ shooting
  • Death of Michael Jackson
  • Death of Osama Bin Laden
  • Sandy Hook School shooting

Join our subscribers; join Farhaj.com News.



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