Thankyou Hassan v NYPD Friends.


Sorry my Twitter got hacked a month or so ago and I have to revert to a website to be social. Thank you for all the support from the numerous sources who’ve emailed and called, and texted. The Appellate Court’s ruling says American Muslims have a right to be heard in Court. We Plaintiffs sued the NYPD because their own reports said they were spying on Muslim schools, businesses, Mosques and areas of travel for a reason. What reason, to look for Muslims right? With no cause or probable cause. With malice. With no clear thought. With prejudice. American Muslims have had enough, luckily the Court said NYPD should be held accountable in a Court of law for trampling our Constitution. America deserves better than to have us stand idly by as our civil rights disappear.

Enough is enough.

-Syed Farhaj Hassan