White House Petition

Dear supporter of the Petition to the White House to stop foreign aid to Pakistan:

This is an AAR. AAR is ARMY for After Action Review.

I reached out to Sen. Lautenberg’s, Sen. Menendez’s and Congressman Holt’s respective Offices regarding starting Legislation to suspend non-humanitarian financial aid to Pakistan until they (actually) take concrete steps to stem the violence against Shia within their borders. I had a meeting with Congressman Holt’s Chief of Policy, Mr. Eddington, via VTC from DC. We spoke for nearly thirty minutes. It was clear cut – Hi, hello, I am so and so, and I’d like the Congressman to do this and that. Mr. Eddington knew his Shia-Sunni history, and was aware of the current situation in Pakistan. I made our case by citing facts and figures, the various methods of terrorist attacks, the use of non-hostiles toward the implementation of terrorist goals, and their wide ranging breaks with international laws, global, moral, and American ideals. Mr. Eddington guaranteed me he’s going to bring up the request for legislation to Congressman Holt, and will indeed be in touch with me regarding the Congressman’s decision and status of any legislation if he chooses to sign on. I emailed him a screen shot of the Petition to the White House with our paltry 841 signatures and relevant facts and figures about the loss of life.

I thank EACH OF YOU for your support of the initiative and signing our petition. Hearty thank yous go to RISINGCries, SoulsMarch, Muslims 4 Peace, and Masom Imam Bargha of Chicago, USA.



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